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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trading Walkthrough?
TRADING WALK THROUGH is an Online Course designed for beginner and intermediate Retail traders to help them Understand the basic Concepts of Technical Analysis, System Development, Risk Management and Trading Psychology. Which hopefully would guide them to build their own Trading Strategies.
What is Ascension Program?
ASCENSION PROGRAM focuses on Day Trading US Equities. It is BEST for Traders whose looking to specialize this Trading Style, and looking for a Day Trading Mentor who shares Live Trades Daily.
Can a Complete ZERO Knowledge about the Stock Market Join?
                Trading Walkthrough is beginner friendly, It includes all the basic things that you need to know about Stock Trading. Ascension is for more intermediate to advance Traders.
Can OFW avail the Course?

Yes, both Trading Walkthrough and Ascension Modules can be accessed anytime. But if you want to avail Ascension, You should see to it that you can attend 8:50AM (eastern time) onwards Briefing / Trading Session.
What is the difference between Trading Walkthrough and Ascension?
                Trading Walkthrough is recommended for Beginners who wants to Learn the basics of Trading. And Learn the Foundation of building a Profitable System. There's also a Weekly Live Session to cater Student Questions.
                 Ascension on the other hand is suited for People who wants to Specialize Day Trading (US Market). And also offers Daily Live Trading Room.
How to register or avail the Trading Courses?

                 Just click the "BUY NOW" button and choose your payment method. Once your order was confirmed, you will receive notifications and more details on how to access the course. (For full instruction, please continue scrolling down.)

When it will be available?

                 As soon as you settle your payment and verification was done, the link to access the course will be forwarded to your email.

How long can I access the Course?

Trading walkthrough offers LIFETIME Access while Ascension [LITE] is subscription based that lasts for 6 months.

Will I continue to have access to the course even after i completed it?

You can Access Trading Walkthrough Module anytime, while you can only access Ascension Module as long as you're Subscribed.

How to get the link to access the Course?

                 You will be invited to Register on a Website where the whole module was uploaded, 2-3 Days after we verify your Payment.
Will I become a profitable trader after attending this class?
                 There is NO GUARANTEE to that. Everything will always depend of the student, but the course will walk you through the Process on how you can possibly achieve that.

What are the payment terms and conditions?

                 - One time payment through Paypal, PayMaya and Bank Deposit.
How to access the FREE modules?

                 Thfree modules are available on our website. It will pop up on your screen once you visited our site or you can find it at the bottom part of the homepage and you just have to sign up to receive the free modules
NOTE: If the pop up is not showing on your screen, kindly use incognito browser.