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About Us

MoneyGrowersPH was created to give Inspiration and Valuable Content to every Filipino who wanted to Learn how to Trade and Profit from the Stock Market. Our Goal is to reach and educate more People on how they can Invest and make wise Trading Decisions to achieve their financial Goals by Trading Stocks.

I achieved my first Million at the age of 24 by Trading Stocks. Now, i have multiple investments and Manages an 8-digit Fund. Trading is Simple, but it’s not Easy. I don’t have any Certificate or any Formal Training about Trading. I was mentored by Zeefreaks and learned the rest from Experience and my own Studies. During the Investagrams Trading Cup 2017, I’ve Competed with more than 2,000 other traders and took the TOP 8 slot having +57% return in 4 months.

I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to Learn, and become good at this. It’s just up to the individual if he/she will pour in the time and effort needed to Master the Craft. If you’re looking for more Free content, just follow this page and check out our other channels :




If you wanted to attend our Live Sessions, Schedules and Updates will always be Posted on our FB Group, and our Mentoring Program will also be updated on this page.

May you become a Blessing to everyone around you! Godbless!